Savannah  Moving  Art  Projects  (SMAP) is a public Moving Art group founded to enrich local environments through site-based movement creations in public spaces. Its primary aim is to interject embodiment as an implicit element of present-moment experience.Janet Twisted in front of Lady.JPG


On-site, dancers engage in 30-minute movement works inspired by sensual elements present in the living-narrative of each landscape. The structure of our movement scripts arises through sensate and imaginative investigations of each individual location, creating a live, improvised, embodied narrative embedded in ‘place’ in present-moment time.Janet and Brea Center.jpg

Through an interplay of place and movement design, perceptual spaces are altered for observers and passers-by. Individual and collective meaning-making remains undetermined and open to immediate experience and interpretation.

SMAP was founded by dance and movement artist and international teacher Janet Ware Kaylo ( to celebrate through artistic embodiment, Savannah’s enduring quality of character, intrigue, mystery and - as always - its present-moment emphasis in both historic and contemporary time.