Certification Program

Pasadena, California

WINTER 2021 – SUMMER 2022

In addition to training in movement analysis, this program builds skills needed for working as a Somatic Practitioner, including somatic elements of Body-Mind Centering, witnessing and processing experience in Authentic Movement, and developmental aspects of attunement and observation from the Kestenberg Movement Profile.

The Pasadena program begins with a Foundation Course January, 2021 as an in-depth study in Somatic Practice and LMA. This 12-day Course can be taken as a stand-alone component, and is required for participation in the full Certification Program; which follows with four thematic modules in Body/Effort/Shape/Space. Prerequisite hours or the equivalent in LMA/BF are necessary for Foundation Course enrollment. The program venue is ARC Pasadena,  a state of the art site located in one of the most vibrant cultural centers in southern California.

All modules are approached through somatic methodologies and perspectives, and include hands-on training for practice as a Somatic Movement Therapist and/or Educator. Graduates receive a Certificate from LSSI as a Movement Analyst and Somatic Practitioner. This program meets the standards of practice as outlined by the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA) as an approved training program, and all faculty are registered with ISMETA. Graduates qualify for fast-track registration with ISMETA without need for further somatic training hours.

Faculty include Director Janet KayloCharlotte DarbyshireDonna Redlick, Nadine Saxton, Amy Voris; and guests Judy Gantz, Amy Matthews, and Beverly Stokes.


What Students Receive
  • Foundation Course as entry into Somatic Practice and developmental foundations of Laban Movement Analysis
  • Thematic Modules in Body/Shape/Effort/Space that allow for deep immersion into each category of BESS, building on a cumulative, developmental model of learning.
  • 500 total hours in professional training in Movement Analysis and Somatic Practice™.
  • one-to-one work with an Advisor during and between Modules.
  • An Advisor’s feedback on projects, assignments, and assessments;
  • Inidividual peer and group feedback in class sessions; as well as personal time for exploration, discovery, reflecting, and writing during class hours.
  • Learning in a dynamic group environment with a high teacher-to-student ratio
  • Final Research Application Project shared as formal presentations with your training group.
  • Hands-on re-patterning practice and training in Bartenieff Fundamentals Practice; as well as other extended developmental and body systems approaches to re-patterning.
  • Training in comprehensive movement and language skills used in dance, theatre, performance, movement research, teaching, clinical work, bodywork, yoga and Pilates, and dance movement therapy
  • LSSI Certificate in Movement Analysis and Somatic Practice – CMA-SP.
  • CMA-SP fulfills the requirements for fast-track registration with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA) as a Somatic Movement Therapist and/or Educator

For more information contact: Janet Kaylo, Founder and Director of Laban/Bartenieff and Somatic Studies International.