Below, you’ll find answers to some commonly asked questions regarding the program, learning resources, and the payment process. Should you have a question, review the list and if you don’t find a corresponding answer, please write us at info@labaninternational.org.


What preparation should I do before beginning the Foundation Course?

After you submit your application and receive a letter of acceptance to the program, you will be sent a pre-program reading list, as well as pre-program assignments to complete before arriving on the first day.

Are there books I will need to purchase for the program?

There will be a Bibliography sent to each student prior to beginning the Foundation Course. This suggested reading list includes Essential texts, along with Supplemental and Supportive reading suggestions. The primary texts referenced for the program will be found within the Essential texts lists.

Is there one primary text utilized as reference for Course material?

The primary text for the Program is The Moving Researcher (2015), by Ciane Fernandez, Jessica Kingsley Publishers. This is available on Amazon.

Will there be other reading resources during the training?

Yes. Beginning with the Foundation Course, and for each Module following, there will be extensive reading resources posted on a shared Google Drive for all participants to access. There is also an extensive dance, theatre, and movement resource library at York University that you will be able to use during the Course.


When do I need to pay the total amount for each module, or the full program?

The Foundation Course and other Modules are to be paid in full one month prior to the start date. These payments secure your place on the program, and are non-refundable. If a Module is cancelled you will receive a full refund.


Please see the refund policy on the registration page of the LSSI website. Refunds are only made in exceptional circumstances, where possible. The costs of providing this training program are incurred before start of the program, and student enrollment is necessary to guarantee fulfillment of expenditures.

 How do I make payments?

Payments can be made by check to LSSI, or by credit or debit card on Paypal. There is a Paypal button to use on the ‘Apply’ page of the LSSI website.


Paypal payments can be made with or without a Paypal account, as per instructions you will receive from Paypal when you make a payment.


TO APPLY : Follow the instructions on the ‘Apply’ page, including downloading an Application Form linked on that page. Return the completed form to info@labaninternational.org; have your references send letters to this same address, and submit a one-time $100 Application Fee.


After your application has been processed (within 4 days of receipt of your application and personal reference letters), return to this same page, and mail a check to LSSI, or utilize the Paypal button at the bottom of the page. You will see deadlines and fees for the Foundation Course and each Module there. You will receive confirmation from Paypal that your payment has been made.

What happens to my Course fees already paid if the program is cancelled?

If the program is cancelled, you will receive a full refund.

In the event that I decide this training is not for me, do I get any portion of the payment back if I decide not to continue?

We expect participants to have exposure to LMA and somatic work before they apply. When they have, they know enough about the material and the teaching approaches to generally safeguard against enrolling and then discovering they are not interested in completing a full session. If someone is ‘unsure’ about his/her level of interest in LMA and somatic work, it is best to have further exposure before embarking on enrollment. The Foundation Course also provides opportunity for clarifying and deepening your commitment to Movement Analysis and Somatic Practice, prior to continuing into Module One.



Are all faculty Somatic Practitioners?

Yes. All core faculty for LSSI are Somatic Movement Educators and/or Therapists registered with ISMETA.

Is there a formal process of giving feedback on student’s individual needs and experiences during the training?

Yes. There are student feedback forms to be completed for the Foundation Course and for each successive Module. These are shared with all core faculty, so that we can consider how best to address comments and suggestions prior to the start of the next module.

Do I receive a certificate for each of the modules I complete, or only upon the completion of the full program?

You can request a certificate of completion for a module completed, particularly if you do not continue on the full program.

What if I have to miss a day or days during any of the Modules?

If you know in advance that time will be missed, it is important that you make arrangements to otherwise cover the material presented during your absence; as well as notifying the Director that this will occur. Any class or day that is missed on a module likely means that you will not experience this particular material again during the training, as the program continues in a cumulative progression of material without exact repetition.


Students are discouraged from missing any classes or days on the program, but should unforeseen or pressing circumstance arise, it will be possible to get the material through a tutorial and/or classmate’s sharing of notes and experiences in the classes missed. If tutorials are required with one of the faculty tutors, these will incur an additional cost to the student to the faculty member involved at an hourly basis.

What does a typical day in a module look like?

Teaching days are Monday-Friday, with weekends off, except in some winter sessions which might include Saturdays as teaching days.


The day formally begins at 9am, though we request that all students participate in student-led Bartenieff Fundamentals practice from 8:45-9:00am. This time provides opportunity to practice guiding others in a BF exercise, and to give and receive feedback on this experience. We have one hour for lunch, as well as two 15-minute breaks during the day. The teaching day ends at 6:00pm.

Are there lectures only and then practical periods, or is it all delivered together?

Theory and practice is interwoven. Generally, you will have movement experiences within all theoretical frameworks covered. While the movement experiences are often not physically strenuous, the amount of material covered and the depth of processing required creates a day that feels very full, requiring rest and recuperation in the evenings. Days are designed to provide a progression from inner-to-outer, including a balance of exertion and recuperation throughout.

Is there homework expected during the modules or in between the modules?

Yes. There are assignments to be completed between modules, as well as work on the final research project which begins after Module Two. Interims between Modules are also good times for catching up on some of the reading resources provided for each Module.


During the Modules, students will be directed to particular reading that supports the material presented each day. While it is not mandatory to do reading during the Modules, it can be helpful for those who like to prepare for each day’s experiences. Assessments take place towards the end of each Module, including the Foundation Course. These are practical assessments that generally include a verbal component as well.

Will I have an advisor during the Program?

There is one advising session per Module with a member of faculty. This is a one-on-one session for questions, feedback, and preparing as needed for assessments. There will also be an interim Skype with a member of faculty as you decide on your Final Research Application Project topic and methodology.


After the topic of your Final Project has been established (generally after Module Two), a specific advisor will be assigned to you to support your research structure, process, and final written document. If you require additional time with your selected advisor after your topic is chosen, you can arrange for this individually.