”For me the LSSI program was such an intense, challenging and deeply transformative experience. From day to day I perceive how it affects all the aspects of my life, from private to professional, from creative to emotional and cognitive. It largely enriched my understanding of movement, as well as my previous experiences in the somatic field. It improved my relationships, with my self and the others. It opened so many new pathways to approach body, movement, dance.Zrinka 2017

Thinking back prior to the beginning of this journey about my needs and expectations from this program, I feel that my needs were met and my expectations completely fulfilled.  I am where I needed and wanted to be, excited and curious to see where this wonderful and inspiring work will take me.”

-Zrinka Simicic Mihanovic, SME, IDME, Dancer, Zagreb, Croatia; LSSI Graduate (2017)

“Movement has been my professional medium for over forty years. The Ana Maletic School where I teach includes a curriculum strongly connected to Rudolph Laban’s 
jasmina-testimonial1.pngunderstanding of human movement, and his contribution to the development of contemporary dance. The LSSI program offered me new access to my own physical experience, giving me the opportunity to be deeply immersed in process, to awaken my personal experience in movement and to develop greater awareness of the movement experience of others. The strongest impact on my understanding was experiencing a somatic approach. Through this approach I discovered how working with depth and new perceptual awareness could lead me into further development as a mover, teacher, and person. This was also the most challenging aspect of the training for me to integrate into my teaching while still on the program. Now, utilizing a somatic approach has become the most natural way for me to share in the teaching/learning exchange with my students.”

 – Jasmina Zagrajski Vukelić, Dancer, Teacher, Ana Maletic Contemporary Dance School, Zagreb, Croatia; LSSI Graduate (2017)

“Janet has introduced me to a body of work that has Bus 4 small format Bus Station pix to Janet 4impacted my life in ways I never knew were possible. Both my personal and professional life have greatly improved as I have learned to cultivate a deeper inner awareness, attune to my own movement patterns and sensory perceptions, and in my practice as a bodyworker I’ve been able to help others awaken to themselves in similar ways.  The wisdom and experience that Janet brings to our group somatic movement classes and private individual sessions has a depth, breadth and richness that is unmatched.  She is highly adept in cultivating and supporting the consciousness of the group field as well as providing an expansive forum for individuals to explore their own needs and expressions.” 

-Dawn Tanis, Rolfer, Breathworker; Owner, Sunrise Healing Arts, Savannah, GA

“To encounter the Laban-Bartenieff theory somatically in the LSSI program, is to learn it through the processes that contributed to 
our most Hannah Actonessential development: it is to experience these processes somatically, and their various modes of knowing. Janet embodies this theory and I believe it is this, above all else, that enables the rigorous experience of one’s own materiality this work requires alongside a sustained engagement with its therapeutic and political potential. This program maintains that the way in which we enlist LMA/BF is as dimensional and moveable in perspective as the theory itself.”

-Hannah Acton, Vancouver, BC, Writer; LSSI Graduate (2017)

Natasha testimonial“As an actor and Movement for Actors teacher, I found this training extremely challenging yet profound in so many ways. I was given a foundation in analyzing my use of expressivity in various facets that gave me an inner perception of how I communicate and relate on a personal level and more importantly as a pedagogue. There is so much to absorb in this training, and as a practitioner, performer, coach or facilitator you leave feeling confident that the entire faculty have given you the tools and guidance to proceed in your practice.”

-Natasha Martina, SME, Actor/Director, Saskatoon, SK, Canada;
LSSI Graduate (2009)

“When I started my CMA training in December 2006 Sabrina testimonialI was in search of being questioned in “flesh and soul”. Through this brilliantly designed program I have found what I was looking for plus a new dimension of experience which has provoked changes in me that have permeated all aspects of my life. Through this still on-going journey, wisely guided by Janet Kaylo and her team of experienced faculty, I have found myself becoming a clearer writer about movement and its experience, a better coach for dancers and a “teacher” who is working towards a somatic approach. Each learning module brings new discoveries that are built on top of the previous one. I just can’t wait for the next Module!”

-Sabrina Castillo, Guatemala, Dance Artist; LSSI Graduate (2008)

Testomonial 2“My CMA training was a huge transformative journey into movement and life itself. It changed my whole perspective on my body as a moving whole, connected through mind and spirit.  I loved learning and experiencing the moving body from the inner to the outer, while getting to know myself on a much deeper and intimate level. And the journey not only developed my skills as a dancer and choreographer, but it also developed and opened me as a person. Becoming more connected, grounded and reflective in all aspects of life.”

Stine Marcinkowski, Copenhagen, Denmark, Dance Artist; LSSI Graduate (2004)

Testomonial 3“My Laban/ Bartenieff training opened the door to exploring movement in both a conscious and curious way that has expanded and developed my movement palette in a tremendous way. Having the unique opportunity to explore, embody, and analyze movement in an environment that fosters somatic learning has not only enriched and enlivened my work as a dance artist, teacher and choreographer but it has also provided me with the unique skills to work as a somatic practitioner in Laban Movement Analysis. The outstanding training and guidance I received under the direction of Janet Kaylo and the other experienced instructors was a life changing experience. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to learn about Laban Movement Analysis and a somatic approach to movement.”

Donna Redlick, Vancouver, BC, Dance Artist, Teacher; LSSI Graduate (2004)