Savannah Moving Art Projects


Savannah  Moving  Art  Projects  (SMAP) is a public moving art group founded to enrich local environments through site-based movement creations in public spaces. Its primary aim is to interject embodiment as an implicit element of present-moment experience.

On-site, dancers engage in 30-minute movement works inspired by sensual elements present in the living-narrative of each landscape. The structure of our movement scripts arises through sensate and imaginative investigations of each individual location, creating a live, improvised, embodied narrative embedded in ‘place’ in present-moment time.


Through an interplay of place and movement design, perceptual spaces are altered for observers and passers-by. Individual and collective meaning-making remains undetermined and open to immediate experience and interpretation.

SMAP was founded by dance and movement artist and international teacher Janet Kaylo to celebrate through artistic embodiment, Savannah’s enduring quality of character, intrigue, mystery and – as always – its present-moment emphasis in both historic and contemporary time.

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