Group and Individual Sessions

Janet Kaylo’s sessions are taught as Experimental Anatomy, which is discovering anatomy from the “inside”, facilitated by touch and movement.

Savannah Yoga Barre classesGroup Sessions

Creative Journey of Continuous Discover

Somatic Movement Improvisation

Every Tuesday 7-8:30pm

Savannah Yoga Barre

2132 E Victory Drive



Individual Sessionssomatics quote or class page

Awaken to Your Life as Embodiment

Somatic Movement Therapy

Movement Psychotherapy

Developmental Movement for Mothers and Babies


“I have such a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for Janet and the work that we have done together. The process is abundantly holistic; whether we spend time talking, moving or both. My entire being feels more evolved after each session and in total from inception. I would encourage anyone thinking about working with Janet to do so. It is rare to have such an expert of Janet’s caliber outside of a big city, she is a tucked away secret that I am so grateful to have been introduced to. Janet is compassionate, well educated, empathic, wise, clear with her words and holds a space only few know how to do.”  JM, Savannah