LSSI’s scope of practice is drawn from Laban Movement Analysis and Somatic Practices that include grounding knowledge of ourselves and our world through embodiment.  Theory and Practice are approached as evolving fields of inquiry at the interface of movement and mind, which impact our understanding of who we are and the ways in which we co-create our own and others’ lived experience.

LSSI offers Certification Programs in Movement Analysis and Somatic Practice internationally, as well as workshops and short trainings, and consultation in Movement Analysis/Somatics to other individuals and organizations. As Founder/Director, Janet Kaylo also provides Somatic Movement Improvisation Classes and Private Movement Therapy sessions, in Savannah, GA.

Waterfall Asheville“I came to Laban-Bartenieff movement analysis as a writer, from an interest in human language and its limits. A somatic engagement with this theory of movement deepened my ease of expression within and beyond language; it did so by supporting precise and informed experiences of the ways by which human expression and its abstraction is fundamentally bound to our physical becoming – our materiality.” – Hannah Acton